Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Midwives in the Birmingham News

Our very own Susan Petrus had a Letter to the Editor published in today's Birmingham News. Thanks to Susan for taking the time and initiative to write on behalf of the Midwives Model of Care!

The Alabama Birth Coalition is not surprised to discover scientific evidence proves elective Caesarean sections before 39 weeks put infants at increased risks of serious health complications. A recent spate of studies, including the Millbank Report's "Evidence-Based Maternity Care," concluded health care providers are ignoring practices that have been shown to improve maternity care and instead are continuing to rely on procedures that are not only unnecessary, but can be harmful for infants and mothers.

Birth outcomes are best when the mother begins labor on her own and is supported through the physiological birth process with minimal interference. Midwife-led maternity care follows best-evidence practices.

Midwives provide superior prenatal care and counseling, which encourages and enables more women to stay healthy and complete full-term pregnancies. Midwives stay with their clients throughout labor, assisting them in achieving normal birth whenever possible. In the absence of this woman-centered personal care, birth becomes overly technological, inhumane and, not surprisingly, more risky for babies and mothers.

Susan Petrus
Board member
Alabama Birth Coalition

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Sam said...

My wife and I are struggling to find a Midwife in the Birmingham area, even as part of a practice, and even if it means no homebirth for our third child (even though the first two were born happily and healthy at home). Can anyone help us?