Monday, September 8, 2008

Leanne in the Birmingham News

Leanne Pearce Reed, ABC's very own treasurer extraordinaire, had a well written and pointed Letter to the Editor regarding Alabama's escalating Infant Mortality Rate published in the September 1st edition of the Birmingham News! Congratulations and thank you to Leanne!

Alabama mothers deserve midwives:

In his efforts to prevent midwives from practicing in our state, Dr. Donald Williamson of the Alabama Department of Public Health has said that losing just one baby under the care of midwives would be one too many. And yet under Williamson's watch, more and more babies are being lost in our state as our infant mortality rate climbs.

Alabama's rate of 10 deaths per 1,000 is now higher than that of some developing countries. In fact, the countries with the lowest infant mortality rates in the world use midwives as an integral part of their maternal-child health care system.

Midwives are not responsible for our state's dismal infant mortality rate, but they can be part of the solution. The Certified Professional Midwife 2000 Study, published in the British Journal of Medicine, demonstrated certified professional midwives provide effective care with infant mortality rates as low as hospitals, yet with far fewer interventions.

The current system is obviously not working. Alabama mothers deserve better than they are getting. Alabama mothers deserve midwives.

Leanne Pearce Reed


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